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[Dec 16th 2017]


what's uppppppp lineart!

i'm here to shoot my shot. moddie won't be in boston til tuesday (and will be a bit busy between Splash Fight 2017 with [info]aquatrident and [info]watersheds) but i wanted to toss her out into the ring! i know by the end of the week she'll be showing up to say hello to [info]fiery but i'd love for her to get her paws into other people's business, friend, foe, or someone who she'd just like to mess with. she's got a lot more in her arsenal and about 0% fucks to give now that she's had some time between getting her ass kicked by other telepaths and having time to cool off and watch two sea people fight because really, that's not really her business. extra bonus points for DC peeps who show up due to her proximity to that situation, lmao, but come one come all.
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[Dec 15th 2017]


goooood afternoon ~lineart, and happy holidays. i'm throwing magneto out there for any cv week mayhem he might be needed for! i have him signed up for a random mind warp mid-week that might cause a little chaos. he'll be intermittently seeing his worst fears come to life - genocide, war, etc. - and will be reacting accordingly. x-men are out of his crosshairs since he's been on team good guy since the attack on the mansion, but humans might not be so lucky. in summary, if anyone wants a run in with him during any of this or any other time during the week, let me know. i've got a few days off and have a writing itch to scratch.
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🏒 so, what's your favorite sport? [Dec 13th 2017]

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let me out, let me be gone
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[Dec 11th 2017]


hello lineart! now after the longest and easiest bio i've ever written, i wanted to introduce you all to this lovely lady and see about some lines before getting her applied. this is camilla cain or cassandra cain/black bat if you happen to know her in cv. camilla has a long and interesting history, one she doesn't talk a lot about to most people. she lost her parents at 13 and 16, ran off from boston at 17 and only returned at 30. she loved, she lost, she was an active duty marine, a lot happened in those 13 years of life, but feel free to read her bio for all that, or i'll take up the entire fp telling you all.

she currently works at some unnamed fortune 500 company at their front desk security. it's beneath her skills, but it's mindless and easy and she really has no idea what to do in boston. she's only been back a short time, working a year in a bar before getting this job last year. she knows [info]savate from childhood. they grew up in the same circles. [info]cybersleuth is her favorite human, he's the guy she just rolls her eyes at and he knows. i think she's not even sure how they bonded but they did and she doesn't question it (we can tweak this if you want!) [info]manteio and her were friends, they went through a lot of the same things at the same time and sadly, when cami ran off to escape the world and get herself killed, they lost touch. she's a little trepidatious about reaching back out.

obvious all the things are welcome! personally, she's got a very guy out look and understanding. she doesn't get hints, if you want her to go somewhere/do something you have to tell her. she won't get subtle. she's got a mouth and an honest opinion, she feels if you don't want the answer don't ask the question. she rarely feels bad if feelings are hurt over honesty, she keeps her trusted circle small but those she trusts she'd kill for or die for.
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[Dec 7th 2017]


hello new friends! i'm finally ready to apply this girl so i thought i'd try to come work out some more connections with you lovely folks. this is casey sloane (aka wonder girl cassie sandsmark), a 23 year old boston university law student and fairly new boston transplant. her story is here for those of you who care to read about it, but the short version is that she's an aspiring criminal defense lawyer slash crusader for the innocent (until proven guilty.) she was born and raised in brooklyn, ny and moved to boston in the summer of 2016 to attend law school. until recently she was working at her family's law firm, but she's currently job hunting while teaching yoga classes and podcasting about murder on the side. she's a weirdo who talks a lot, is fascinated by esoteric things that other people know a lot about, and is always up for outdoorsy things.

some current lines i have are [info]kirki who is her mom's older sister and a bunch of lady friends in [info]hellsgate, [info]deux, and [info]novastar. other than that i'm open for pretty much anything so feel free to throw some suggestions at me, no matter how random!
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instagram [Dec 7th 2017]

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[Dec 6th 2017]



hey ya'll! i'm bringing miss francesca hiller aka frankie aka felicia hardy/black cat. a few of you may remember her from about a year/year and a half ago... she's always held a special place in my heart and i'm super excited to get the opportunity to bring her back! at 26 she's a junior curator at the ica boston and also runs a pseudo popular fashion blog called the cat's meow. having suffered a sexual attack her freshman year of college she's a proud woman's rights activist (i'll photoshop her face on people magazine later), avid cartoon/anime watcher and closeted clepto. i don't want to bore you too much so if you are looking for more info i'd suggest scanning her bio, in the meantime i'd love to work out some lines! she needs pretty much everything - a killer girl squad, a roommate (or two), shopping buddies, fellow artsy fartsy types, a gym partner b/c she's terrible at motivating herself, an ex of either gender, some baddies to lure her to the dark side and the spidey gang to stop in and say hey.

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[Dec 6th 2017]


hello lineart, having just finished this lovely here i thought i'd toss out some feelers before applying. this is danielle tesia, otherwise known as donna troy. she's originally from new york, and has lived in boston about three years. she is 29 years old and has an adorable 2 year old daughter. she was a photojournalist in a past life and now is more of a lifestyle photographer and owns her own photography business. she's got step-siblings and an ex who, while not currently planned to be in game, could always end up being apart of this wacky world.

she is pretty easy going, a bit neurotic and constantly on the go. the highlight of her week is spending a night in watching silly movies with her daughter. she sees her life as a package deal, if she goes anywhere 9 times out of 10 she has a tiny attachment. she's a bit sarcastic, but then feels bad if she thinks someone took her seriously and got offended. she loves harry potter and to do pintrest crafts, because who doesn't love a good pintrest fail? she speaks a few different languages, nothing too well but enough to get by from her years traveling.

she's got a close mom friend in [info]novastar, a friend who she has bonded with over the sheer fact they both lived in brooklyn at somepoint in [info]recurves and i'd love to work out anything and everything else. i'd love to workout lines with all the teen titans, any of the jla peeps and definitely want all you have wonder woman!
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[Dec 3rd 2017]


did you think you could get rid of me?? kidding, i'm just happy to be here with everyone! hello, welcome to me making my last stand with this guy, reintroducing bobby kander aka klarion the witch boy. oh yes, you heard me, new cv! he's still magical and sassy and self indulgent but with more villainous leanings come cv weeks, so look out for that. dun dun dun, witch boy.

he's still mostly the same au wise, currently unemployed, but he's bumped around for work here and there and is currently looking for part-time work so holler at ya boy if you have work. bobby's a big lovebug, incredibly sassy and oft sarcastic but he means well. he has varied interests that range from kpop to japanese cartoons, to everything nerdy in-between, just ask. i'm honestly just so bad at this. look at his connections: currently dating [info]runs, is friends with a range of people like [info]aikido, [info]novastar, [info]elusive, [info]rains, used to date [info]slushpuppie, and just wants to be friends with all of you.
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