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[Aug 23rd 2017]


I failed and almost app'd without doing this, but before I do let's set things up. His bio is in the journal if you care to check it out. This is Thaddeus Gunter Allard, the missing Allard twin. He goes by Gunter because he really dislikes his first name. He is a lot different than [info]zooming but similar in other ways. Gunter's childhood was straining on many people. He had tutors that gave up on him because he had trouble comprehending many things. He is great with math and wrestling. He tried one semester of college and gave up. He started working at a bar doing custodial work and cooking. His boss saw something in him and worked with him. Pretty much his mentor in Louisiana because his father got killed in prison, and his mother did not want him under her hair. So his boss helped him out, nothing under the table. Gunter knows he is similar to his own father and doesn't want to follow down that rocky path. As soon as his twin graduated, he followed him to Boston and slept on his couch till he found him a place. He works at a Bar in [insert district] and lives in an apartment above thanks to his current boss. Outside of working as a bartender now, he also sells fireworks during the holidays they are needed. Every Halloween, he gets a spray tan and dresses up like Fabio.

He is an avid gamer, loves helping out at the brewery/bar. He is quiet until he gets to know you. I am up for anything really.

[Aug 20th 2017]


hello lineart! i've just put in a hold for lois lane and hope that i can get some lines for her while i put the rest of her biography together. she's a rehash of an old pb character that i've been wanting to breathe life back to, so hopefully this will be my chance! let me introduce louise law, (goes by lou, but never lulu) a fashion writer who dreams of one day being as powerful and as fabulous as anna wintour (or edna mode).

she is thirty-one years young and grew up in boston. she was raised mostly by her mom, but her dad was always around and he came out a few years after her parents split. both her parents are scholars and her mom now lives with her painter/poet/art dealer boyfriend in cape cod, while her dad lives in and around europe with his long-time partner. lou also has a younger step-brother that she adores and is really close to. she's a dartmouth alum and has come back to boston thanks to a great work opportunity in the city.

even though her family is very modern and open about really, everything, lou is a lot more shy. she's a workaholic, so she's only ever had one boyfriend since college and is that person that laughs awkwardly and has to pretend she's not sober during games of never have i ever. so with that in mind, i could use all kinds of failed dates that she still cringes about, friends from childhood and a tall roommate to help her reach the really high cupboards. the only line i have is with [info]solitude who she had as a next door neighbor for most of high school. any connections i can grab through him would be great and anything else i can get would be amazing too!
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[Aug 20th 2017]



so hey! this is walker maxwell, who you all may better know as scarlet witch. a pr maven and rock n roll superstar in her own mind, walker grew up in westchester with [info]magnetic and her twin brother under the over bearing eye of her single mother nina. determined to leave the chaotic home she followed elias to new york the first chance she could get which seemed to come with an equally large set of problems. working as a model she quickly fell into a lifestyle of sex, drugs, rock n' roll until something had to give. at the age of 23 she was finally forced to sober up and so she enrolled herself into rehab and after getting clean went to school to get a degree in communications from northeastern university. she now works as a marketing/pr consultant around town while also playing gigs with [info]moonblade in a band we have yet to name.

personality wise she's a hard nut to crack, extremely guarded after years of psychological warfare with her mom. she doesn't like being lonely though and thus the creative outlet in music and essentially making connecting her life's work. once she allows you into her world she's loyal to a fault, extremely sarcastic and not really concerned with how the world views her so in the right setting she can be a real goof. she has a french bulldog named alfie whom she babies like a son, i think seeing her with him really proves her potential as a loving and nearly sweet person. she just needs the chance.

currently she's working to help elias launch the bar but as a consultant i'm hoping she gets to kind of float around and can work with a lot of people whether they need marketing strategies, pr for special events or help with their social media presence - she's your girl. the band is mash up of phantogram and the kills so if that's your thing she'd absolutely adore for people to adore what she does.

line wise i think there's a ton of possibilities - a roommate (you get to live next door to [info]elusive and [info]illusionary), short term ex's, maybe one long term one too (she's better at dating than relationships), friends, collaborators, fellow musicians, people she knows through her cousin, anything.

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[Aug 20th 2017]


alright i spent all night on this and i think i should sleep, but i wanted to introduce to you guys elliot nichols, or better known as the riddler. elliot is a computer programmer/technician who is spending most of his time at his part time job to pay the bills, and he spends the rest of his time working on elaborate escapes and riddles for the game he's creating with a team of people. he's as obsessed with riddles and puzzles as his CV counterpart, probably more.

he's more of an observer than anything, but his therapist tells him he should be more of a people person and to try to make more friends than the people he works with or talks to online, so he's been working on being well-rounded guy, but he's still a big nerd and he comes off really awkward and weird especially when it comes to ladies. some might think he's creepy, but he's trying his best to fit in. he hangs out at bars on trivia night and wins every single time he tries so he stopped after awhile because he didn't want to make people mad.

as far as lines go he went to boston university and he knows [info]harlequins. she probably found out years ago that he's kind of creepy, but she still keeps him around because he helps answer any video game questions. his neighbor is [info]wolfshift and he tries not to stalk her, but he can't help himself and he always asks her to help him with crossword puzzles even if he already knows the answer. he knows how to play the guitar. he finds it as an escape from his life when he was younger. he's joined a few bands in his early twenties, but he was too consumed with video games that he would miss out on rehearsals and stopped trying to join them after a while.

i have his bio up if you want to go give it a read, and it'd be nice to have more people he's connected to and i can rework his bio when i wake up. it'll be nice to have a roommate for him because i can't see him living on his own as a good thing because who knows what kind of creepy things he's going to get himself into. this is long winded, but honestly throw anything at me and i'll make it work.
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[Aug 17th 2017]


hi friends! 👋

some of you might remember this little lady, some of you might not. this is marissa gould, aka marvel's songbird. mari is a 35 year old transplant, originally from a teeny tiny town in wyoming. long story short, her father was in and out of prison and her mom drank her feelings as a coping mechanism and slept with any guy who'd help her pay the bills while her husband was in jail. one way or another, she was always around criminals and heaps of human garbage while she was growing up. at fifteen, mari was fed up with her mom's abusive bullshit and rotating boyfriends, that she bought a grayhoud ticket and peaced out, running away. she spent the next several years moving from city to city, changing her name as she went, and relying on the only skills she had: playing guitar on the streets, b&e and running cons. sometime in her mid 20s, when she was living out of a skeezy motel and performing on the street in austin, everything changed. she met a boy, got a job in a bar, started playing and singing with a band and fell in love. basically, she turned her life around and tried to go on the straight and narrow.. it didn't always work, but at least she tried. the band actually found moderate success and she toured with them for nearly a decade, and wound up marrying that boy. in 2014, she found out she had vocal nodes and underwent surgery to have them removed. however, after the surgery, she wound up pretty depressed and quit singing and writing music all together, her marriage ended up in shambles and in the summer of 2015, she and her husband divorced and she packed up her car and moved east.

she had been in boston, working at in another castle and living across the hall from [info]hawkdude, she had even started singing again, and recorded a few songs in a home studio, but last winter, she left boston for a while with little notice (see: i haven't thought that part out.) but now she's back, motherbitches, and ready to rumble. she's loud, brash, she can be kind of rude sometimes, and basically is a snarky little shit. she has trouble keeping her nose clean, always teetering between a life of crime and staying straight. her hobbies are writing dumb songs and doodling stupid comics on napkins. plus, she could use juuust about everything, from flings to neighbors, other musicians to make beautiful music with, maybe a job, people she had lines with in the past (i'm too lazy to list people and tbh i don't remember too many), you know. stuff. and things. as usual, i love everybody in this bar. ♥
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screened. [Aug 17th 2017]


might as well shoot my shot! it'll be the goblin queen's first cv week and I'd love anything to go with it. she does have access to telekinesis only in cv and when the shift is over, molly will have sorcery and telepathy. I'm up for any kind of chaos, catfighting and confusion you can throw. comments are screened and we xan custom chat if need be.
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i woke up like every three hours last night, someone come knock me out. [Aug 16th 2017]

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flick of the wrist - he'll eat your heart out
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[Aug 15th 2017]


as [info]outsider said, things kinda aligned in a weird way and - tada! - we are bringing these dummies back. some of you might remember liam, who complained about how much he hated everyone while doing his best to also take care of everyone.

for those that don't, he was born in london and moved to boston after his father died. his mom and he moved in with a grumpy, rich aunt. he attended catholic school (considers himself non-practicing now that he has a choice in the matter) and later went to dartmouth and then their medical school. he then took his medical education and enrolled in the army as a combat medic, took his residency at a hospital in detroit and then ran off to various places (most of his time in the military is classified). upon returning to civilian life he took a job in security. his job helped him open up and make a makeshift family in his friends, and eventually led to his messed up relationship with [info]outsider. since then they've adopted some cats, almost eloped, shot him with a crossbow - you know, normal couple stuff.

then lena became pregnant. and then they ran off to liam's home in london until after their daughter was born in may of this year. during their stay abroad they started to work as consultants for the london police and when they moved back to boston opened up their own private detective agency.

i'm probably leaving out a ton of stuff, but if anyone wants old lines back or to come up with new ones let me know! he needs the usual friends, exes, flings, people to annoy him (lbr, that is not hard to do), etc. maybe people that want to use his services to help find their lost cat or birth parents or cheating spouses or anything else people want help detecting.
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[Aug 15th 2017]

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[Aug 14th 2017]


hello, ~lineart! i thought i'd take a leap and change up nora's CV to one that seems to fit her better these days. goodbye misfit, hello supergirl! i'm in the process of reworking some of her finer details to fit with her new CV life as kara danvers, but for plotting purposes, at least in the AU, she's mostly the same. just a quick rundown since most of you are already familiar with her: nora is a 29 year old california native who's lived all over the place thanks to her parents' penchant for moving around. she's been in boston for about five years and works over at mass gen as trauma surgery fellow. work keeps her super busy, but when she's not catching up on sleep or adulting on her days off, she can be found rounding up some friends for brunch, exploring different parts of the city, or trying to get out of it for a good hike and fresh air. she's a big goofball outside of work and doesn't always take things seriously even when she probably should, which occasionally gets her in some trouble. nora spent most of her formative years as the new kid in town and thus had her own fair share of bullying and such, which means that she has a hard time letting her guard down sometimes. she's been through the wringer lately thanks to a run in with some lackeys and some other personal stuff, which i'm keeping in her background. she's currently off of work for a few weeks while she gets her head shrunk and tries to scrape her life back together. she's not handling free time very well, so shenanigans are welcome.

as far as lines go, [info]fiery is her cousin, [info]stability is her roommate, and [info]elusive is her former roommate of many years, so anyone she might know through any of those ladies would be stellar. [info]kamuro is a childhood bff that she's reconnecting with. she's tight with [info]newsies and has friends in [info]rampage, [info]running, [info]watersheds, and [info]manteio. she's got a brunch buddy in [info]hellsgate, and she also has several coworkers in game, but if there's anyone else at mass gen lurking around who i haven't already plotted with, let me know! if i've left anyone off, i'm so sorry, i'm using her lines list which is also sorely out of date.

i'd love to see some new connections given this change, especially in the CV! superfam, where are you? anyone she might know from her days as a red lantern would be ace. new friends in the AU and CV alike are welcome and it'd be great to refresh and re-establish any current lines. if we don't have something already, let's figure something out!
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[Aug 14th 2017]


i know i have the worst timing ever, but the stars aligned in a really weird way with [info]caretaker and made it possible to bring them back. some of you might remember elena benedetti, who was here for just over two years before i dropped her in november for creative reasons. it took some time, but i think i'm finally ready to dive into my favorite comic book character again.

for those of you who don't know, she's a boston-born daughter of italian immigrants. her parents and brother were killed just after she graduated high school. she didn't witness it, but the crime took its toll on her. she closed herself off and ran away to europe for college, where she got in touch with her family heritage over summers. she vowed to never let what had happened to her happen to anyone else, which started her on the path to becoming a security consultant. no kid ever expects to end up in corporate america, but elena did. though she wasn't doing exactly what she wanted, it ended up benefiting her on a personal level. she learned to open up, made friends, and was able to start moving past the tragedy that she felt defined her.

it took time, but she eventually opened herself up on a more romantic level. after a long list of failed relationships, she realized the one for her had been stabbing her in the side like a thorn all along. enter [info]caretaker and their strangely messed up relationship. they've come a long way in the last few years – adopted some cats, almost drunkenly eloped, normal things.

to explain her absence from boston over the last ten months or so, elena found out she was pregnant in september of last year. the election scared her to a point she wanted to have her baby far away from the political instability. in her time away, living in london, she realized that there were other aspects of her life she wasn't happy in. at the time, she was cso of an international multimedia conglomerate, and she knew that wasn't the path she wanted to continue on. she and liam began consulting for the london police. after her daughter, gabriella, was born in may, they decided they wanted to go home, so here we are. they've recently opened up a private detective agency, one elena hopes to use to actually help people.

i know she still has a few friends around these parts, but the time and distance understandably could have taken its toll on them. if you guys will have me, i would love to discuss lines. she has a long list of exes, male and female, like i mentioned. she could use friends and even people to butt heads with. i could be talked into some sort of family line as well, if it's possible to work it out.
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[Aug 13th 2017]


i'm doing this a little backwards, writing up a storyline post before i have her completely written. oh well! this is magdelena barone aka huntress for all cv intents and purposes. she's a boston native, born and raised, though her parents hail from italy. they immigrated to the states for varying reasons and now own a moderately successful string of restaurants scattered across the northeast. oh, and let's not forget those mafia ties. we'll save all that for narratives and another time, yeah?

that sort of brings me to the gaps in her story. her current occupation is up in the air. i was leaving that open to see if anyone needed anything filled within the business world. with that being the case, her schooling is also to be determined at this time. totally open to exploring different avenues there. her personality can be a bit inconsistent. she's friendly enough, without being too bubbly. when she is looking to have a good time, she goes all out. she's not afraid to make the first move when talking to someone, so she can be rather outgoing.

for lines, her best friend comes in the form of [info]screaming. the two of them met back when they were neighbors and instantly clicked. of course, lena spends a lot of time at wildecat. a lot. it's probably annoying. she also has an ex in [info]kungfury. oh, look at that, she's open for a lot of things! let's talk and make with the amazingness.
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[Aug 13th 2017]


hey, all. it took me entirely too long to get him together, but i humbly submit derek randall a.k.a danny rand/iron fist to you all for plotting and tomfoolery of any sort. i have a directory page up for him in the journal, but essentially much like his cv alter ego, derek's the only child in an affluent family. the son of a corporate big wig & a former u.s ambassador to china. rather than grow up to run the family business and drive expensive sports cars though, derek decided to shun his trust fund and piss his dad off by running off to become a hong kong stuntman when he dropped out of college. ever since he's been slummin' it and lovin' it because he managed to get quite detached from the life of wealth he was lucky enough to enjoy as a kid. he's been a lifelong martial arts practitioner, but it gave him the opportunity to combine his two big loves, martial arts + cinema, and he went for it. he spent a lot of time overseas throughout his life, but he returned permanently to the states a few years ago where he continues to do stuntwork when he can, but now instructs part time at a dojo/stunt school for aspiring stunt men & women. personality wise he can be a complete goof, he loves watching genre films from the 80s and 90's on top of the usual kung fu fare, he does an absurd podcast dedicated to b-movies and martial arts culture, and he can be a bit of a new age hippie dippie type, swearing by some herbal remedy or another or spouting spiritual stuff like the dimestore taoist he is. he can be a little full of himself despite sometimes acting so "enlightened", bringing up one of the few direct to video hong kong action flicks he starred in is a great way to inflate his ego, but he mostly tries to remind himself to stay grounded, but always appreciates a friend who can knock his ass down a few pegs and keep him humble. he could really use anything right now! he's very into yoga (naturally), viewing parties, trivia, karaoke, anime, video games, and since he's currently out of acting/stunt gigs, he's also got a very off/on gig as an on call masseuse because he's that weirdo with a dozen odd skills he's picked up over the years that you're never quite sure he's actually licensed in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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[info]lineart the og [Aug 13th 2023]

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